Monday, April 6, 2020

December Photos - Sarah's Class

Hey all,

Have finally gotten around to catching up on old photos! Here are some pictures of the fun activities we got up to in December. 

Friday, April 3, 2020

Well Done and Thank You - Sarah!

I had so much fun hearing all your news on our zoom call! Well done to everybody :D 
It was so nice to hear from the class, it think we'll have to make it more regular!

A big well done and thank you for all the work the children have sent in. We won't be giving set work over the Easter holidays but I'll put up some activities you could do to keep the children busy. 

After Easter we'll be moving over to SeeSaw so we won't be posting any updates or work here. 

I won't be sending out a google assessment form today but can I ask that if parents had any difficulties with the work last week or any comments/observations on the work that they send me an email. It helps us know what works and doesn't work going forward.

Thanks again for all the hard work!

Chat soon,

Christine's Class Gingerbread Men Project

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

SeeSaw - Sarah's Class

Hi all, 

As you are getting used to SeeSaw and loging in you may notice some videos already in your child's profile. I used SeeSaw throughout the year to assess Aistear so each child will have a few videos of them playing during Aistear time. I only used them for my own assessment purposes but it's nice that they can now look back at some of their videos and watch them playing with their friends! There are some nice pictures of Aistear time uploaded as well. 

If anyone has any SeeSaw issues email me or and we can help you out :)

Christine's Zoom Meeting Friday Morning

Hi Everyone,

I'm hosting a Zoom meeting for the class on Friday. It's just a quick catchup and a chance for you to see your friends and teacher! Tell me all the fun activities you have been doing at home!

The Zoom Meeting will be on Friday at 10. The call won't last long but will be lovely to see everyones faces :)

Here's the invitation to join the meeting!

Christine Kelly is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Christine's Class Meeting
Time: Apr 3, 2020 10:00 AM Dublin

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 807 673 317

You'll need to download Zoom on any device and then copy and paste the above link and enter the ID to join us. I can't wait to catch up with everyone :) 


Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Sarah's Class Zoom Meeting

Hey guys!

I'm hosting a Zoom meeting for the class on Friday. It'll be lots of fun, you'll get to see all your friends and talk about the different things you've been doing while we've been off school! I'm super excited to hear all your news!

The Zoom Meeting will be on Friday at 12.

Here's the invitation to join the meeting!

Sarah Murphy is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Friday Catch Up!
Time: Apr 3, 2020 12:00 PM Dublin

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 339 142 442

You'll need to download Zoom on any device and then click the above link and enter the ID to join us. I can't wait to catch up with everyone :) 


Sunday, March 29, 2020

School Closure Work Week 3 - 30th March - 3rd of April

Hi everybody,

Thank you for your feedback and we appreciate that this can be a stressful time for those who are working at home and trying to complete distant learning with maybe more than one child at a time! It is however important that the children do engage in some core daily lessons. Routine and daily fun chores/outdoor play are all part of the learning process and these are so valuable for infant children and link in with the curriculum.

After Easter, as Sinead and GearĂ³id have emailed to explain, we will be moving our lessons to the SeeSaw app. You will also receive your child's access code next week. Some of the videos will invite you to try the various tools available on SeeSaw. You will need your child's code to do this. It is also important to remind you to keep these access codes safe and not to share with anyone else. We also recommend downloading the SeeSaw app if your child will be using a tablet to complete activities. 

SeeSaw: Starting on the 20th of April there will be Literacy, Math, Gaeilge, SESE (History, Geography, Science) and PE lessons and activities. The activities and lessons we provide will be in line with our curriculum planning and will move onto new learning topics that the children may not have covered yet over the Academic year.

On Friday we will be hosting a Zoom call with our class for a few minutes just to say a quick "Hello"! We are sure they are missing their friends and teacher! :)

Gaeilge/ Irish
We understand that some parents are struggling with the Gaeilge activities at home. Don't worry if you can't help you child with this. Even if your child is just playing with the apps themselves this is fine. This week we have uploaded videos from their Irish programme in school.


1. Revise the diagraph sounds with the children: th, wh, sh and ch. Practice saying and identifying the sounds. 
Watch the following video:

2. Play 'Phonics Pop'. Click the following link to play the game. As we are revising diagraph sounds just choose th, wh, sh and ch from the menu list. After you have played with the diagraphs you could add in more sounds to make it harder!

This week we would like you to concentrate on number formation. You can do this on a whiteboard, piece of paper, sand, lego or tablet. 
We have some number formation worksheets attached for the following days but if you cannot print you could practice on paper/ whiteboard etc. 

 Many children are still not forming numbers correctly (some can be upside down or 


This week the children will be revising a theme they did at the very beginning of the year. For Gaeilge this week just play the videos and ask the children what they think tis happening, you may be surprised by their vocabulary!


Our SESE theme for this week is Fairy Tales. This week we will be focusing on the story The Gingerbread Man. Everyday we will post a different version of the story for your child to listen to. Encourage them to think about the differences in the stories. Decide which version they prefer.

Our challenge for this week is that we want every child to repsond to the story creatively. This could be through drawing, colouring, designing, writing or even baking!!
Once you have created something send a picture of your creation to your teachers email so we can see their wonderful work! We will then post these onto the blog :)

The Gingerbread Man:



1. Revise tricky words and play tricky word games in the homework folder. Snakes and ladder etc.

2. Look Cover Write: Show you child the word let them say the word,   next let them read and write the word and finally cover the word and have them write it by themselves.

3. Tricky Word Song:

Maths: Practice writing/forming number 1 and 2 and watch videos

Gaeilge: Watch video Is Mise

The Gingerbread Man: 


We will be introducing readers to the children this week. Today's reader is based on Easter and revises some of the tricky words we have covered so far. I will read the story with the children today and tomorrow they will try it themselves. 

Listen to the story a few times and answer the questions that I say at the end of the story, you can pause and replay the video as many times as your child needs:

Use this link to access the reading of the story.

The three questions asked at the end of the recording are:

1. What is different about the eggs?

2. What does the boy use to make the eggs?

3. What way would you design your own egg?

Here are some extension questions you could ask your child to challenge them.

Maths: Practice writing/forming number 3 and 4

Gaeilge: Watch video


The Gingerbread Man



My Easter Eggs

1. Practice reading the story with your child. Encourage them to read it independently as much as possible. 
Listen to the recording from yesterday if your child is struggling. 

2. Draw or Design your own egg and write a sentence underneath to describe the egg.

This egg is ________ . 

Maths: Practice writing/forming number 5

Gaeilge: Watch video 


Literacy/ SESE

Join our Zoom call and tell us all about how you have been getting on over the past few weeks!

Bring along the artwork your created for "The Gingerbread Man" and you can tell us all about it.

We are so excited to hear from everyone!!

Maths:Watch video 

Ask your child to show you their new and improved numbers!

Gaeilge: Watch video

December Photos - Sarah's Class

Hey all, Have finally gotten around to catching up on old photos! Here are some pictures of the fun activities we got up to in December.  ...